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BlueKeep vulnerability

Well the office is back up and running, more or less, as intended. So it's back to working full steam ahead and posting for you guys.

BLUEKEEP If you've been reading articles on the internet, you'd be forgiven for having the impression that this is a huge thing you need to be worried about. This is kinda true, but also kinda not true... Without boring you with the details, the Bluekeep vulnerability works by corrupting data in RDP which then allows for remote code to be executed arbitrarily - which is a cause for concern.

What I HAVEN'T seen mentioned so much, is that this is not really an issue if RDP is turned off (which it is by default) and your router isn't forwarding port 3389 (RDP port) (which it doesn't by default).

Essentially, this is something that affects businesses that have allowed their employees to remotely log in from home for the most part, plus a very small smattering of the residential customers I've seen.

Never the less - if you want to talk about it or have concerns about it, I'm always happy to have a chat and perform some work on your system.

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