• Nick Thomas

Friendly scam reminder

A reminder today (via a customer who almost got scammed): When you receive an email or a text 'from a reputable company' remember that names and reply-to address can be faked. I can easily change my "reply to" address on my email to "no-reply@jbhifi.com.au" and send emails. Company logos can be easily copied and replicated.

If an email says you've won something from JB-HiFi and just needs ALL your details - THAT'S BAIT

If an email gives you a fear or concern, then gives you an easy option to allay your fears - THAT'S BAIT

If an email says you have a package and just need to click on something to release it - THAT'S BAIT

I know you're expecting a package, I know you just went to JB Hi Fi, but treat everything as suspicious until proven otherwise.

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