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  • Nick Thomas

Friendly scam reminder

A reminder today (via a customer who almost got scammed): When you receive an email or a text 'from a reputable company' remember that names and reply-to address can be faked. I can easily change my "reply to" address on my email to "" and send emails. Company logos can be easily copied and replicated.

If an email says you've won something from JB-HiFi and just needs ALL your details - THAT'S BAIT

If an email gives you a fear or concern, then gives you an easy option to allay your fears - THAT'S BAIT

If an email says you have a package and just need to click on something to release it - THAT'S BAIT

I know you're expecting a package, I know you just went to JB Hi Fi, but treat everything as suspicious until proven otherwise.

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