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InfinitiKloud: WARNING

So about a month ago, I was contact by a customer asking what my thoughts on InfinitiKloud were...

InfinitiKloud is touted as a USB drive that will automatically backup and remove duplicate images - sounds decent, much like the Photostick a couple of years back. I was going to buy one myself, but faint alarm bells started going off, so I started digging.

TL;DR (too long, didn't read) - No, give them a wide, wide berth. For more information on why though, read on.

I have compiled a video on this and it's about 15 minutes long, but it contains all the evidence of this and I'm just waiting for google to verify my account so I can post it =/

  1. There are two websites - InfinitiKloud . com and GetMyInfinitiKloud . com.

  2. They both have identical terms of agreement and privacy policy and physical addresses.

  3. When I asked InfinitiKloud support as to whether this was their unofficial dodgy site, they first offered me a discount, then, when I pushed them on the subject, closed my support ticket.

  4. Every 'review' (bar one), was either an infomercial, paid press release or by their own company.

  5. In addition to this, the 'review' from their own company used blatantly fake and doctored images in their review - it really beggars belief.

  6. The products can't be bought on either Amazon or eBay, meaning there's no way to review them at the point of purchase.

  7. Can only be bought via credit card, no paypal anymore (paypal has buyer protection as a guard against dodgy companies)

  8. TrustPilot and Highya show a score of 1.9 and 1.1 stars (of 5) with out 60-70 reviews between them.

  9. The reviews on their website(s) are hard-coded, meaning the words are actually written into the code, they're not sourced from a reputable review site at random. Additionally one of the images from GetMyInfinitiKloud is a stock image, so instantly we know the reviews on the site are artificial constructs.

  10. I mentioned this to another customer and they related that they had bought some, then got slogged an additional $1000 for some subscription that was "in the fine print". Thankfully, my customer took this to paypal (this was a year ago) and got it refunded.

Given all this, I would give the company a very wide berth. Stay tuned for the video...

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