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Manually opening DVD drives

Manually opening a CD / DVD drive - Something I've been asked enough times for it to be a thing

Say you've got an optical drive that's either dead, broken or jammed or you're just too lazy to turn the computer back on to pop the draw (I'm guilty of this last one, heh)

Every optical drive has a small hole (usually next to or above the open button) that you can poke a paper-clip into to manually eject the tray.

For standard size drives (PC's and the like), it's a push, you are literally pushing the tray out and you'll need a good inch or so of length in your paper-clip

For laptops or slim drives, it's a click and a pop - they're delicate, so don't jam it in, you're simply releasing a catch that springs the tray out, so it requires a lot less force.

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