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Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Microsoft Edge actually officially released on January 15th, but in practicality, I've not seen computers update en mass until last month and, as I'm typing this, there's a Windows 10 machine to my right that still has Edge Legacy (the original MS version of the browser). I say "The MS (Microsoft) version" because it's not really theirs anymore - not to say that it's anyone else's, just they they're not really responsible for it's base code anymore. You see it's based off the Chromium open source code (read: it's Google Chrome with an MS paint job and some MS extras chucked in). I don't like Edge. It still uses the Microsoft Bing search engine which throws questionable ads at you when you're searching for perfectly legitimate things like say.... Adobe Reader. This being said, is (new) Edge better than Edge (legacy)? - definitely. Something that Microsoft hasn't been on top of in a long while is keeping up with internet trends, where it be compatibility or function - an area where browsers like Firefox and Chrome have excelled. Edge, now being based off the chromium code means it's faster, more secure and more functional than ever before. It's definitely worth the upgrade, even if you don't use it. But I dare say that Microsoft won't let you ignore the update anyway, if their past update behavior is any indication. So if you see the image plastered above, and Edge wants to install - it's fine to do so. Then it's fine to ignore again Unless, of course you actually use it, then YES UPDATE IT!.

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