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Vacations, sending e-mail and relaying

If you've ever lost the ability to send mail while away on vacation or business trips and would like to know why, read on...

This is an issue with security, accountability and 'relaying' When you're at home and you're sending from your iiNet email address through your iiNet internet connection - the mail server can say "Yes, Nick is sending this email, he is accountable, it's coming from his IP address"

When you're away, a lot of you still are able to send mail, that's because there's an option in your account settings that allows your mail application to supply a username and password to the mail server and this passes for authentication.

All mail applications have this option, so if you'd like to enable it, you can, and it shouldn't take more than 10-15 minutes to do over the phone / remotely assisted.

There's other methods to get around this - you could change your outgoing mail server to the mail server of the internet connection you're currently using (ie. the hotel you're staying at), but then you've got to change this BACK when you leave.

The need for this is due to 'relaying' - something spammers like to exploit wherever the can. Relaying occurs when an email is sent through an email server that cannot authenticate or track the sender (and therefore can not make them accountable for the content of the emails).

Say I have an iiNet internet connection, but decided I wanted to send out a thousand spam emails, I wouldn't send it through the iiNet mail server as they'd identify the source IP and suspend my account. I'd want to send through a different email server - one that allows relaying - so it's not iiNets responsibility anymore and my account doesn't get touched.

By closing down this exploit, it very much narrows the opportunities for spammers to operate.

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