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Windows 10 Notifications

In the past, and especially since the coming of update 2004 (20-04, as in 2020, april) and 20H2 (they've now changed their naming procedure) for Windows 10, Microsoft wants to bug me with EVERYTHING. Cortana? Privacy? OneDrive? Suggestions? Applications? Updates? Tips and tricks? EVERYTHING.

Before, it was a minor nuisance and I had better things to do with my time, but increasingly they've been emboldened and now I've seen them prompting users to setup Microsoft accounts when setting up OneDrive, and then pushing them to use that account for everything on the computer. It makes me uneasy. And it annoys the hell out of me So, here is a way to remove those notifications! click on the Windows button (very bottom left corner of screen) click on the settings (cog) icon click on System

click on Notifications & Actions (left hand side) click the slide toggle for 'Get notifications...' uncheck the remaining 3 boxes below If you have any dramas, please let me know =)

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