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Windows 7 and MS mice

Quick one today. I've said before that Windows 7(W7) is not going anywhere for quite some time. Yes, support will still in 6 weeks time, (all this really means is that there will be no more security patches). Segue - A customer of mine spoke with another computer tech who tried to convince her that because W7 was soon to be out of support, that will mean 'the hackers are going to get in' and implied that as soon as Windows support stops, it takes the lock off the front door and leaves you wide open. Not the case. I'm sure it had nothing to do with him wanting to sell them Windows 10 and charge them for a resinstall that they didn't need. I digress....

Microsoft wants you on Windows 10 (W10) and they'll do everything legally within their power, morally ambiguous or not, to move you. I get it, they're a business, but it's not always what's right for the customer, which brings me to the actual topic of this post. One thing that MS will do is not develop W7 drivers for their newest parts. I came across this a few weeks back where a customer had bought a brand new bluetooth mouse, but was unable to connect it to their bluetooth-enabled W7 laptop. The W10 laptop worked fine, the W7 laptop did not. There were no drivers for this product, it was not compatible with Windows 7. Microsoft are the first to do this, I'm sure (I have no confirmed, but it would make sense), but this will, in the coming years, start to happen more and more frequently. In the mean time, I would not buy any new Microsoft peripherals (mice, keyboards, webcams, etc) if you're going to use them on a W7 system as you may run into driver compatibility issues.

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