Services and Prices

Standard Fees - Call out $40, labour $100/hr

Custom PC Builds - I can build computers from scratch, specifically for your needs. The parts I use are premium quality and a standard form factor (meaning replacements parts are easy to come by and you are not tied to me for your ongoing needs, should you so desire.
Give me a call or drop me an email and we can discuss prices.

PC Servicing - Your computer running slow? running hot? It's been a while and want peace of mind? I specialize in in-home computer servicing to check the health and general well-being of your system including, but not limited to, application/windows updates, hard drive health, fan and heatsink cleanliness and malware removal.
Servicing - $150 (scheduled yearly service comes with free antivirus).

Reinstalls - Looking to move your computer on? Or just want to start with a clean slate again? Depending on the system involved, reinstalls can take up to 2-3 days, but it'll return fresh as the day you bought it.
With data - $200, $150 without.

Home Networking - Need to share files between computers, or having trouble getting that new NBN router wifi to reach the other end of the house? Let me take a look and I'll give you some options as to how you can quickly and effectively increase the connectivity of your home.
Standard fees apply upon commencement of work.

Virus & Spyware removal - Clicked on something you shouldn't have? I have been removing viruses, both great and small, from computers for the better part of 13 years and there's nothing I haven't been able to resolve.
Standard fees apply, capped at 2 hours labour.

New PC initialisation - So you've just bought a new PC from elsewhere and they've left you without a notion as to how to make it yours? Give me a call and I can help you remove the bloatware from the start up, install applications you'll be missing, Office, antivirus, printers, possible data transfer -  you name it.
Standard fees apply onsite, $150 if taken away.

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